Blockchain Development Methodology

At Deqode Labs, we follow the Scrum framework for blockchain project management. It allows us to break down web3 development on a large scale into smaller stages - while being able to review and adapt along the way.

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How Our Scrum Process Works

We combine the team and events for a smooth delivery process.


Product Owner

Our product owner visualizes the product to advise the development team. This is then translated into a log of tasks the team will be working on.


Our developers work on this log of tasks until everything is moved to ‘done’.

Scrum Master

Scrum Master helps the team overcome hurdles or distractions so that tasks will get done.


Sprint Planning

The Product Owner and the Team discuss what will be included in the sprint or what will be worked on.

The Sprint

The heart of Scrum. It is a time-boxed event that repeats. We usually follow the two-week sprint format.

Sprint Review

When a sprint ends, the team reviews what has been done.

Daily Scrum Meeting

Daily scrum team meeting that allows the team to check in and give progress on their tasks.

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Why Scrum?


Full transparency for you. You can peek in at any time and see where things are at.


Enables a self-organizing team that is vocal and completely focused on your product.


Continuous improvement of the product because of the iterations.

Tools we will use for managing this project internally


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