DePlayground’s multi-million dollar NFT drop launched in two days.

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Hours to launch

The Customer

The founder of Gearbubble, an e-com giant with over USD 150M in sales had an idea. Don Wilson wanted to create ‘Deplayground’ - a decentralized education metaverse to provide flexible, accessible, and affordable education options for individuals out there.

The Challenge

Don’s team wanted everything about the platform to be decentralized. In order to do that, they wanted to launch an NFT drop - and they wanted to make it quick.

The Solution

Deqode Labs team provided access to Deqode.Store’s ‘NFT Drop’ feature - a simple drag-and-drop creator. Don’s team was able to create the entire drop - including the drop page in three steps:

Your Company

Upload the images and whitelist information.


Add information like FAQ, team, roadmap, and more.


Click on launch.


Despite having zero technical expertise and an extremely tight deadline, Deplayground was able to launch their NFT drop in under 48 hours - and sell hundreds of NFTs!

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