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How Fandom Sports boosted its microtransaction revenue with Blaze

In Numbers


Reduced time to market


Developers deployed

The Customer

Fandom Sports (CNSX: FDM) is a leading platform for esports fans which allows users to connect with others who share their interests and provides a platform for creating and sharing content.

The Challenge

Fandom had a rapidly growing user base and was looking into new revenue streams through microtransactions. However, its existing payment infrastructure was not capable of handling the volume of transactions required for a successful microtransaction business. The company planned to expand its business by sub-licensing its platform to other games, which would increase the number of transactions per second and potentially strain the existing infrastructure.

The Solution

Fandom turned to Deqode Labs, a leading blockchain technology company, for a solution. Deqode Labs custom built its blockchain solution BLAZE for Fandom. The protocol was specifically redesigned for high-volume transactions using a patent-pending consensus algorithm.


Fandom's adoption of Blaze was a major success. It allowed the company to tap into new revenue streams, and provide a better experience for its users, all while keeping costs low.

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