2019’s best digital transformation

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The Customer

Geoverse (a subsidiary of NASDAQ: ATNI) is a licensed mobile operator with over 33 years of experience in the industry and strong international carrier relationships.

The Challenge

As a neutral provider of network information to public carriers and private network operators, Geoverse sought to track devices' time and activity on networks in order to serve its clients better. However, the company faced several challenges in achieving this goal. The biggest one was data reconciliation.

The Solution

To address these problems, Geoverse turned to Deqode Labs. After deeply analyzing the problems, Deqode Labs proposed to implement distributed ledger technology (DLT) in Geoverse, which provided:

Your Company

A tamper-proof and reliable record of transactions


Ability to scale with decentralization


The utmost level of transparency


The implementation of DLT transformation was a major success for Geoverse, providing improved security, scalability, dispute management, and trust, all of which were crucial in helping the company achieve its goals as a provider of network information.

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