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How Leda Health used Blockchain to assist assault survivors.

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The Customer

Leda Health is a company founded by survivors of assault to revolutionize forensic evidence collection and testing through modern technology. It also connects survivors with professionals and supportive communities to aid in their recovery process.

The Challenge

Leda Health needed to create a secure serverless framework-based backend application for assault prevention that allowed survivors to report incidents with proper proof and receive the necessary mental or medical assistance promptly.

The Solution

Deqode Labs suggested the use of Ethereum smart contracts to facilitate the upload of sensitive information. The team created a document registry smart contract that allowed users to submit a hash of their document along with relevant metadata. The data was then stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Deqode Labs laid down a super fast timeline to develop, test and deploy the deliverables.


In five months, Deqode Labs was able to deliver a custom-tailored solution that met all of Leda Health's requirements. The use of Ethereum smart contracts provided a secure and immutable record of sensitive information that could be accessed and verified by professionals, allowing survivors to report incidents with confidence.

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