Two weeks. USD 5M+ in revenue. The ‘Shopify of NFTs’.

In Numbers


days to launch


Cost Reduction

The Customer

SimplyNFT is a scaleup specializing in e-commerce. The company wanted to launch its online ‘Shopify for NFTs’ - during the NFT market boom. The platform was supposed to cater to creators who are familiar with Shopify’s interface.

The Challenge

The development process for the store was estimated to take four months and was extremely costly, with an estimated budget of more than USD 200K. SimplyNFT needed a solution that could expedite the launch process and reduce costs.

The Solution

Deqode Labs provided SimplyNFT with Deqode.Store, a white-label solution for an NFT marketplace. The company was able to use Deqode.Store to build and launch their marketplace in just 14 days. Using Deqode Labs’ services, SimplyNFT was able to customize the design and layout of its marketplace to fit its brand and aesthetic. The storebuilder also included features such as a user-friendly interface for buyers, a secure payment gateway, and the ability to list and sell a variety of NFTs.


The fast launch time and cost savings provided by Deqode.Store allowed SimplyNFT to capitalize on the NFT market boom and start selling subscriptions quickly and efficiently. SimplyNFT was able to sell over USD 5M worth of founders' licenses.

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