Our Staff Augmentation model is suitable when the requirements are fluid, and you need to hire blockchain developers for your team. Under this model, we provide you with dedicated web3 developers who will work under your direction and our supervision.

We recommend the Staff Augmentation model when

Your Company

You wish to have complete control over the development of your blockchain application.


The project is large and needs to be handled in smaller chunks by the blockchain developers.


You wish for a simplistic approach of hiring a number of blockchain developers working on the project.

Five Step Process


Deqode Labs receives a brief job description outlining your web3 development needs.


Deqode Labs selects blockchain developers with the required level of expertise for your project.


The selected team member's profile, along with their hourly rates, is sent to you for review.


If desired, you can assess the selected team member's skills and fit through interviews, test tasks, or your standard recruitment process.


The project gets a kickstart upon confirmation.

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